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Public Notice-Ogallala Residential Properties


Ogallala Residential Properties

Public Notice

Pursuant to Nebraska Statute 77-1311.03. County assessor; systematic inspection and review; adjustment required. On or before March 19 of each year, the county assessor shall conduct a systematic inspection and review by class or subclass of a portion of the taxable real property parcels in the county for the purpose of achieving uniform and proportionate valuations and assuring that the real property record data accurately reflects the property. The county Assessor shall adjust the value of all other taxable real property parcels by class or subclass in the county so that the value of all real property is uniform and proportionate. The county assessor shall determine the portion to be inspected and reviewed each year to assure that all parcels of real property in the county have been inspected and reviewed no less frequently than every six years.”

 Starting Monday, May 4th and running through November 2020, the Keith County Assessment Staff will be starting our systematic inspection and review for Ogallala Residential. The staff reviewing your property will have identification verifying employment with the Keith County Assessor’s Office.

 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we ask that you please stay in your home during this time. A yellow door hanger will notify you the day before your review. The questionnaire on the door hanger will verify and update the interior information of your property. Please complete the entire form and place it back on your door for us to pick up. Please also make sure any unfriendly animals are kept inside for our safety.

 If you have any questions please contact us at 308-284-8040. This review includes photographing and measuring the exterior of your property. Any changes documented will be corrected for Assessment Year 2021. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and apologize for any inconvenience.

 Publish May 4, 6, 11, 13, 20, 27, June 1, July 1, August 3, September 2, October 5, November 2.