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Keith County Board of Commissioners

511 North Spruce St - Room 101
Ogallala NE  69153-2146
Phone:  (308) 284-4726
Fax:    (308) 284-6277

The Keith County Board of Commissioners meets every Wednesday at 8:00 a.m. in the Board Room at the Courthouse.  Refer to the County Calendar for any changes to this typical meeting schedule.

Every County is governed by a County Board. County Board members are elected positions. Since Counties are a creation of the State, their only powers are those given to them by the State Legislature. There is no one person in charge of County affairs. Working together, the County Board collectively exercises the executive and legislative authority over the County.

The powers of the County as a political body are carried out by the County Board as follows:
  • Oversees all county funds and county finances.
  • Authorizes all county funding through an annual budget process.
  • Examines all accounts, receipts and expenditures, including payroll, and approves or disapproves expenditures.
  • Sets salaries for elected officials.
  • Hears all complaints of any nature pertinent to county business.
  • Sits as a Board of Equalization to equalize property values.
  • Sets annual levies for all political subdivisions in the county.
  • Creates, adopts, amends, extends and implements a Comprehensive Development Plan and adoption of zoning rules and regulations. This is often done with advice from a Board appointed Planning Commission.
  • Lays out, alters, or discontinues any road running through the county.
  • Cooperates in the control and eradication of insects, pests, and plant disease.
  • Provides suitable courthouse, jail and other necessary county buildings.
  • Sells, conveys, exchanges or leases any real or personal property owned by the county and is involved in all county real estate transactions.
  • Carries out all other duties imposed by law.

 px Keith County  Nebraska courthouse from NW

  • The Board is responsible for the following County Offices/Departments:
    • Budget
    • Building and Grounds
    • Emergency Management – 911
    • Information Technology
    • Planning/Zoning
    • Roads/Bridges
    • Safety
    • Tourism Promotion/Improvement
    • Veteran’s Services