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Bonding Information

Call the jail at 308-284-4772 to verify any and all bonds related to an individual.  If the individual can be bonded out at that time, the jailer on duty will inform you what the amount is. 

Cash bonding must be done in person and the bond will be posted in the arrested individual’s name, not yours.

Keith County Jail only accepts CASH for bonding, in the EXACT AMOUNT.  NO EXCEPTIONS. 
Bonds are set by the court or, after hours, on the basis of the charge in relation to a “Bond Schedule” sanctioned by all judges within our service district.

Not all charged crimes are bondable immediately after arrest.  All felony crimes and crimes of domestic violence have bonds set by the court on an individual basis.  Some charged crimes can result in a hold placed by the arresting agency.  Verify that an individual can be bonded out before you come to the jail.
*All bonds are collected as soon as possible and processed as quickly as possible.  We are not responsible for any restrictions or limitations set forth by Western Union.  We are not responsible for any restrictions or limitations set forth by the receiving agent. 

If you have any questions regarding wiring bond money, please call the jail:  308-284-4772 
AGAIN:  ALL BONDS PAID AT THE JAIL ARE CASH ONLY, IN THE EXACT AMOUNT.  No credit cards, personal checks, or amounts other than the actual amount of the bond will be accepted.  NO EXCEPTIONS.