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Homestead Exemption

Homestead Exemption ApplicationHomestead Exemption Income Form

          Homestead Exemption Application Form 458   
                                                       Homestead Exemption Application Form-Income Form 458-I

To remain eligible for the homestead exemption, you must file a completed Nebraska Homestead Exemption Application or Certification of Status, Form 458 and Form 458-I Income Statement, with your county assessor. These forms must be filed after February 1, and by June 30 or you will not be eligible for a homestead exemption for the assessment year.

What is a homestead exemption?
A homestead exemption provides relief from property taxes by exempting all or a portion of the valuation of the homestead from taxation. The state of Nebraska reimburses the counties and other governmental subdivisions for the taxes lost due to homestead exemptions.

Who can file for a homestead exemption?
The Nebraska homestead exemption program is a property tax relief program for seven categories of homeowners:
  1. Persons over age 65;
  2. Veterans totally disabled by a nonservice-connected accident or illness;
  3. Qualified disabled individuals;
  4. Qualified totally disabled veterans and their widow(er)s;
  5. Veterans whose home was substantially contributed to by the Department of Veterans Affairs and their widow(er)s;
  6. Unremarried widow(er)s of a service member who died on active duty; or
  7. Individuals who have a developmental disability.
What would disqualify me for my homestead?
  • If the home is valued over 200% of the County’s average assessed value of single family residential property.
  • If my income is over the amount allowed.
  • If I sell or leave my home before August 15th.
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